Professional Bat Removal Services

Affordable Wildlife Solutions has the experience and knowledge to remove wildlife from your home, business or property. We specialize in removing bats, squirrels or raccoon from your attic. Also remove beavers, woodchucks, skunks, etc from your property. Call or email now to get those pesky critters removed.

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Professional Bat Control and Squirrel Removal Services

Got Bats?

Affordable Wildlife Solutions makes bat proofing your home fast, easy, and affordable! Start by scheduling an inspection today!

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BATS: Removal Process

First things first, the inspection. Which determines how much it will cost to bat proof your home/building.


Bat proofing consist of sealing up gaps/cracks, patching/repairing the exterior of the building/home. One way exclusion tubes are installed in all active entry points. Areas of potential entry are sealed up as well.

List of common entry locations:

  • Soffit/Facia
  • Ridge Cap
  • Chimneys
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Vents
1 Year Warranty Included


Injured animals can be taken to a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.


Residential & Commercial Wildlife Removal

Whether commercial or residential, each job is unique. Preferred Wildlife Solutions will customize their approach to best control your wildlife situation.

We make the removal process simple for you. You can be involved if you prefer or we will do it all. Read more about the wildlife removal process here.

Professional, Affordable, and Speedy wildlife solutions in Iowa

Call Tom to get the job done right and in a timely manner. He will take the time to evaluate your situation, discuss solutions and answer any questions. The unwanted wildlife will be humanely removed or diverted using proven techniques.

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